Sicily flavored with anise (and not only)

Sicily flavored with anise (and not only)

The so-called ‘acqua i zammù’, as the Sicilians call it, is an ancient tradition of the island.

It is a drink made mainly of water and anise, which was probably brought to Palermo by the Arabs and in the early nineteenth century became a recipe owned by the Fabbrica dell’Anice Tutone (Tutone Anice Farm).

Tutone is today a historical brand, which owes its name to the Palermitan brothers who made the first bottle in 1813 following a recipe that is still a family heritage, which seems to be jealously guarded in the pages of an old notebook.

There are six generations that have carried forward the tradition of water and anise, creating a local product of excellence that is also a true ritual, and offering it in the first kiosks managed by the Tutone family.

Kiosks that have paved the way for many other similar activities that can still be found on the streets of Palermo.

The history of the Anice Unico Tutone – this is its official name – is therefore a story of flavors, but also of traditions, which allow us to know the events that happened in Palermo from a different point of view, linked to the daily life of the past and to local craftsmanship.

The visit to the Fabbrica dell’Anice Tutone, located in Via Garibaldi, allows the visitor to discover all the secrets of this product that has become typical in Sicily, revealing the ingredients and assisting in its processing.

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  • Fabbrica dell'Anice Tutone


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